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Texas cops injured in explosion

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June 3, 2015


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Texas cops injured in explosion

Squad car Dash Cam Shows Texas Cops Thrown Back After Man ignites His Own Vehicle. Video clip reveals man aiming to set himself ablaze, inducing car to explode, throws 2 police officers backwards.

AUSTIN, Texas– Police in Texas are examining the cause of an explosion that sent three individuals, involving two police officers, to the hospital early Tuesday morning.

As soon as the suspect entered his vehicle, Police made the attempt to approach a man in the parking lot of a food mart near Interstate 35.

The man can be picked up on video telling officers, “I think I’m going to set the car and fire.”.
A number of seconds later, a loud burst is heard on the vehicle and the video is immediately engulfed in flames.

Texas cops hurt after suicidal man lights car on fire: police

New York Daily News

Investigators conclude that the driver had a lighter in his hand and believe there was fuel inside the vehicle.

The vehicle driver is shown on video seemingly trying to get back inside the vehicle before exiting the vehicle again, however, in grave pain from the fire.

Officers eventually pulled the driver away from the vehicle. He was transported to a local hospital where he is listed in serious condition.

Police said they suppose the driver was aiming to commit suicide, according to KXAN.

Two Texas cops sustained minor injuries in the incident.

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