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Terrell Day Death Investigation

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September 28, 2015


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Terrell Day Death Investigation

Police said that when robbery suspect Terrell Day informed officers he was experiencing difficulty breathing, an ambulance was contacted. The responding EMTs examined Day and established he could well be taken to processing “via jail wagon,” according to the announcement.

“All the circumstances and facts regarding this incident will not be known until the conclusion of this investigation,” the department pointed out in a statement, adding that cause of death will be verified by the coroner.

Day’s mother, Shanika Askew, said her son had not been struggling with any medical issues or ever had asthma.

Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services chief Charles Miramonti put forward “sincere condolences” in the statement. Miramonti said a “full internal investigation” has been started however that he was “confident the highest level of response and care was provided.”.


It said an investigation is in progress which both the homicide detectives and crime-lab workers had responded to the scene.

“Despite the best life-saving efforts by the EMS crew, the suspect died in the back of the ambulance,” the statement included.

Terrell Day, 18, died in the back of a police hospital wagon on Saturday after two times complaining of breathing challenges during the course of his arrest, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Indianapolis police said they are reviewing the death of a teenage shoplifting suspect who died in police custody after complaining of breathing problems.

Day once more complained of breathing problems when the paddy wagon showed and a 2nd ambulance was contacted however his “condition deteriorated,” police declared.

A hospital wagon was contacted yet allowed Terrell Day the clearance to be driven away in a paddy wagon, according to the police announcement. The teenager again said he was having breathing problems and died in the back of a second hospital wagon once it arrived, the report included.

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Officers responding to a call of an armed man in a Burlington Coat Factory store learned that a male shoplifting suspected had pointed a gun at a security officer then fled.

The suspect was spotted lying behind a gas station about 500 yards away, according to police, a pistol was recovered as well.

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