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Stanley Cayasso: Liga Nicaraguense

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February 20, 2015


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Stanley Cayasso: Liga Nicaraguense

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Liga Nicaraguense Stanley Cayasso

Stanley Cayasso (1906-1986) is one of Nicaragua’s baseball icons. Like Lou Gehrig, he was actually regard as El Caballo de Hierro, The Iron Horse. A powerful and durable hitter who also pitched in his younger days, Cayasso eventually became a renowned manager and coach. He came to symbolize his nation’s baseball due to his characteristic: honor, honesty, patriotism, and clean living.

Stanley Cayasso never made it to the major leagues. In truth, he had only one professional at-bat, at age 50 as Nicaragua established its first pro league in 1956. By then he was really a coach. However, like at least a few of his fellow citizens prior to Dennis Marti­nez made his big-league debut in 1976, he was “an uncrowned king” (to quote novelist Sergio Rami­rez).  In the point of view of Nicaraguan baseball historian Tito Rondon, “The two lost majorleaguers of the ’30s and ’40s were [Jose Angel] ‘Chino’ Melendez and Stanley Cayasso, basing on legend.

Furcios de la Semana de la final Rivas vs Bóer.

Professional baseball in Nicaragua.

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stanley cayasso-nicaribbean-nicaragua-managuaAisa Delgadillo #32

Cali Natty Bongos

Position: C – RF · LF

Bats: R Throws R

Height: 5′ 9″ Weight 210 lbs

HomeTown: Managua, Nicaragua

Year: 1991

Stanley Cayasso

La Liga Nicaraguense de Beisbol Profesional (LNBP) was inaugurated on Saturday, March 30, 1956 in Estadio Nacional. The first game was between the teams from San Fernando and Boer. The Nicaraguan public’s enjoyment for baseball flourished as foreign professional teams and foreign players came to play in their country. The sad thing is, due to financial hardship, the league had to shut down in 1967. The teams from Boer and Leon were the most successful teams in those years with three championships each. The professional league was re-established in 2004.

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