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Proud to be Nicaraguan Story

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April 9, 2015


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Proud to be Nicaraguan Story

Proud to be Nicaraguan – Due to my ignorance, when I was young and unwise; through my beautiful youthful life, I chose unwise.

Having been deceived by the back then Nicaraguan Revolutionary Government in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Somehow, I survived all the blood shedding amongst our brothers. I lost three first degree-cousins from which I shed and I am still shedding tears for I grew up with them and they were as same as my own brothers.

At one time in 1982, my beautiful mother (AN ANGEL), sent by GOD and my exemplary and unforgettable father (RIP) came to rescue me from the insanity.

Nicaragua: An unfinished revolution – 17 Jul 09

On July 19, 1979, the Sandinista revolution got rid of precisely what many considered for being one of Latin America’s most brutal dictatorships. 30 years later, and with the Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega once again in power, Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman visited Nicaragua and discovered that most of the revolution’s promises have remained unfulfilled.

Al Jazeera English

PROUD-TO-BE-NICARAGUANProud to be Nicaraguan – Born LENIN RODOLFO MOLINA MARTINEZ on a special Saturday, April 10, 1965 at the Hospital Instituto Seguro Social in Managua, Nicaragua. Survived the 1972 Managua, 1987 Whittier, and 1994 Northridge earthquakes in California, and still waiting for the BIG ONE.

Once in Los Angeles, I Graduated from John Marshall High School, Los Angeles, CA. Well, a combat vet kid back then at 16, some guys in uniform kept chasing me through the years in high school to join the US Armed Forces. After some much pulling and tugging, I ended up reluctantly enlisting in US Marine Corps. I quote “reluctantly” because I was tired of war and insanity! WAR is RAW and RAW is WAR.

Long and behold, I ended up at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD), San Diego training to become a Marine. Very soon after that; I was deployed to join a war waged by coalition forces from 34 nations led by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq’s invasion and annexation of Kuwait. I was in Saudi Arabia in a very HOT August 1990; as a rookie, what is known now a days as a NOOB. But in the Marines you will always be known as a BOOT. In the Corps, anywhere you go: regardless of rank, YOU ARE A BOOT!!!

America’s Deported Veterans: La Frontera

There are soldiers and marines that have served the United States even though they were not born in the country. Many suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following having served the United States on the battlefield and have been deported, since their deportation, lost the right to obtain medical attention. VICE News

When you are the new kid in town Temperatures were reaching 120 F. It was more the training in Saudi with gas masks and every other gear you could think of, than the war lasted. At some time the most dangerous situation was “Friendly Fire”. We lost some precious brothers’ lives from 3/11 during the “Liberation of Kuwait” because of friendly fire. Our bombers were killing our own, out of Camp Horno. DOD will hate me for this. But, it’s been out; and I came close to making the ultimate sacrifice because of friendly fire.

PROUD-TO-BE-NICARAGUANOn a positive note, After that mission, after some R&R (Rest and Recreation) we moved on to travel the world. On West-Pac 92 my boys and I had a blast! With the US Navy on USS FT McHenry (unforgettable). Went through Pearl Harbor (the norm), Philippines, back to the Persian Gulf, then Africa, Australia (almost got married there), Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore.

Some years later, After the worst American Disaster for innocent people in New York, US Government decided to deploy troops to Iraq and then Afghanistan, from where I lost plenty of brothers as well making the ultimate sacrifice.

Thanks to the US Navy! I have benefited for serving this great nation; as this great nation has been grateful of my services, as I Am Proud to be Nicaraguan!!! Would I do it again??? Hell yes!!! I’ll do it again!!!

Thanks to the US Navy, I have come to understand and respect all the races, cultures, religions, and beliefs. If I ever disrespected anybody for whatever reason: I APOLOGIZE as a gentleman, never as a MARINE. (BECAUSE ONLY THE BAD PEOPLE, ARE NOT HERE TO TELL).

Semper Fidelis

Do or Die –You’ll never get another try!

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