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President Obama Visits Jamaica

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April 10, 2015


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President Obama Visits Jamaica

“Wah Gwan, Jamaica?”

President Obama travelled to Kingston, Jamaica Thursday April 9, 2015, meeting with Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, in addition to other Caribbean leaders on the value of enhancing energy security and preventing climate change. He later conducted a town hall with the Young Leaders of the Americas.

People throughout the Island exhilarated for President Obama as he pulled several stops and emerged as the first American president to travel to the island nation since President Ronald Reagan in 1982.

President Obama renders Q&A at a town hall with Young Leaders of the Americas at University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. April 9, 2015.

President Obama Speaks at a Town Hall With Young Leaders of the Americas in Jamaica

Prime Minister Simpson Miller says she informed Obama that it is the ‘deep desire of the government and people of Jamaica’ to have Marcus Garvey pardoned of the United States criminal judgment of conviction that got him deported to Jamaica in 1927. She says she inquired Obama to ‘consider the matter and to offer any support within his authority.’.

Marcus Garvey was the very first individual called a Jamaican national hero following the island’s independence in 1962. He passed away in 1940.

“It is your generation who will shape the future of our countries and our region and this planet that we share long after those of us who are currently in public service are gone from the stage.”– President Obama, April 9.

President-Obama-Bob Marley

President Obama sings along to the music as he tours the Bob Marley Museum with tour guide Natasha Clark in Kingston, Jamaica. April 8, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

A Tour of the Bob Marley Museum

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The President also browse through a museum committed to Bob Marley, a widely known Reggae singer-songwriter who was committed to crafting positive change in Jamaica. Influenced by his devotion, President Obama applauded the Young Leaders of the Americas for continuing that valuable culture:.

One of the displays has to do with when Bob Marley was shot right before a concert he was supposed to perform, trying to bring the political wings in Jamaica together. Bob Marley was treated for his wounds and he went ahead with the concert. As somebody asked Marley, why would you do that? He said, “The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?”

Obama departs for yet another significant conference, this time around with Cuba’s President Raul Castro.

On the U.S. Cuba update, President Obama indicated Thursday he will in the near future take Cuba off of the US listing of state sponsors of terrorism, increasing optimisms for boosted networks as he readied for his appointment with President Castro.

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