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Parental Kidnapping is a Crime!

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May 11, 2015


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Parental Kidnapping is a Crime!

What Represents Parental Kidnapping?

Despite the fact that numerous states do not hold a penal code entitled “Parental Kidnapping,” most have designed their standard kidnapping statutes to sustain the same kind of offense. Regardless if the moving of a young child by a parent will establish parental kidnapping is decided on by 3 primary aspects, consisting of (1) the legal status of the offending parent, (2) the existence of any court orders regarding custody, and (3) the intent of the offending parent.

Parental Alienation & Parental Abduction is KIDNAPPING

Parental Kidnapping Statutes by State

US Court Sentences Mother to 3 Years for Parental Abduction

US Court Sentences Mother to 3 Years for Parental Abduction

Parental kidnapping legislations differ by state, however, typically consist of a defendant carrying off a person/child by keeping them in a location where they are not expected to be looked for. A number of parents are stunned to discover that their state does not mandate the use of force or a weapon to reinforce the criminal charge of parental kidnapping. The illegal keeping of the child is more than enough to sustain a charge of parental kidnapping.

Getting Assistance

Custody conflicts are disheartening. They are particularly challenging for parents who attempt to do the right thing, and very upsetting for the children who get drawn in many different viewpoints. Before you turn to a match of tug-of-war, seek advice from a family and criminal law attorney to ensure that you are not tugging your way into a parental kidnapping charge.

My Wife Is Trying To Alienate Me Out Of My Child’s Life


I’m a recently retired U.S. Army Veteran attempting to locate my missing daughter.

I have court-ordered visitation and phone calls authorized with my daughter, but I have not seen or heard from her since September. I believe her mother is attempting to alienate me out of her life despite the fact that I pay child support. Read more

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