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Paralysis defeated by prayer

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April 24, 2015


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Paralysis defeated by prayer

“I love when you see people who aren’t there just for a paycheck,” one wrote.

“Our daughter, Bailey, had complete paralysis from the waist down for eleven days with no explanation as to why,” Ms Miller wrote in addition to the video recording.

As Bailey wheeled along a hallway, she leapt from her wheelchair, triggering screams from the shocked nurse.

The nurse’s heart-warming response has attracted appreciation from commenters on the internet.

“Thank you, Lord,” the nurse sobbed .

US girl paralysed for 11 days stuns favourite nurse by walking

A young US girl has shocked her favourite nurse by standing from her wheelchair following being actually paralysed from the waist down for eleven days.

Watch the video to see the second Bailey stunned the nurse.

“It’s awesome. Lots of nurses really do care about their patients,” mentioned another.

Texas mother Becky Miller uploaded the video clip of her daughter Bailey, who had unexpectedly and strangely lost all sensation in her legs, .

“This video is one of her favourite nurses coming onto her shift and not knowing that Bailey had started walking this day.”.

Is Paralysis Treatable?

Steroid medicines are in some cases provided at the instance of spinal cord trauma to minimize swelling in an effort to reduce the level of injury to the spinal nerves. For individuals with paralysis who must use wheelchairs, treatment method focuses on physical exercises and significant treatment to prevent infections and pressure sores.

Kathryn Mahoney Story

Michigan State University gymnast was paralyzed from the waist down following vaulting at gymnastics. She is back at school and her positive perspective carries on to make this athlete successful.

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