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Papua independence Campaign

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December 8, 2014


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Papua independence Campaign

Wawancara dengan Benny Wenda dari Free West Papua Campaign Tanggal 18 Mai, 2013. (Bahasa)

Scotland has a working agreeable Special Autonomy that was used as a basis for the one created but not implemented in West Papua. Scotland also have a legal and accepted process towards independence … there has been much discussion and a possible referendum is on the table. The Falkland Islands population has repeated stated that they want to be part of the Great Britain and are British Citizens by choice.

Benny Wenda – Oslo Freedom Forum

Benny Wenda is a West Papuan tribal leader and an advocate for the human rights and freedoms of West Papua’s people. A leading figure in the region’s independence movement, he served as a special representative to both the British Parliament and the United Nations. for more please visit our webside



benny wenda, you talk bullshit. And stupid england people, you want papua out of Indonesia. We (Indonesian) want scotland out of england. Free scotland now and give malvinas island back to argentina. Malvinas belong to Argentina not stupid england.

Harry Jenkinson

Benny Wenda is a hero of the West Papuan people! Papua Merdeka Harga Mati! Over 500,000 innocent West Papuan men, women and children have been killed during Indonesia’s genocide and illegal occupation of West Papua. Free West Papua now!

The Road To Home – documentary about West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda

Feature length documentary about the Nobel Peace Prize nominated West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda.

Filmed over a 2 year period by British filmmaker Dominic Brown, it provides a rare insight into the life and times of this freedom fighter and his tireless struggle to liberate his people from Indonesian colonial rule.


Very sad, I had no concept of the level of brutality going on in West Papua. I hope they manage to gain independence, they desperately need it.

nina ballerina

More power to you Benny Wenda.  NEVER give up.  Shame to the US and Australia for supporting Indonesian efforts in suppressing democracy because of political reasons NOT because of humanity welfare.  SHAME on Indonesia for the horrors they are putting the West Papuan people through, the murder, corruption, lies.  No wonder I have no respect.

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