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Manny Pacquiao: Full interview

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November 20, 2014


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Manny Pacquiao: Full interview

Graham Bensinger travels to General Santos in the Philippines to sit down with boxer, Manny Pacquiao. The ten-time world champ – who squares off with the undefeated Chris Algieri on Nov. 22 – talks about his upcoming fight, the long sought-after bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his personal life, including serving his country, spirituality and growing up in extreme poverty. Hall of Fame trainer, Freddie Roach, also provides his take on upcoming fights and Pacquiao’s eventual retirement.

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50 cent says ‘Floyd Mayweather doesn’t fight Manny Pacquiao,cause Mayweather fight Bums & make Money

50 cent says ‘Floyd Mayweather Jr doesn’t fight Manny Pacquiao,cause Mayweather fight Bums & make Money


Please Like & Share ! Who will win Maweather vs Pacquiao ? Leave a comment . We think Mayweather is still the best Fighter in the World.

MORRISON7585 – Hey I totally agree with you Wally. If this fight had been held six years ago my delusional friend. Pacquiao has aged noticeably. His fighting style relies on speed and he’s up there in age. Face reality, Mayweather is a fresher and younger fighter in style who would win easily over Manny`s style at this time. Sorry again to be right.
Wally V – Pacquiao has been in more fights so yes more wear and tear. How would

Mayweather beat Pacquiao though? Mayweather has not had a convincing win
since Hatton. You make no sense Morrison

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