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Jurors from Aaron Hernandez trial speak out

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April 17, 2015


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Jurors from Aaron Hernandez trial speak out

Shortly after returning their verdict Wednesday, jurors said Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh mentioned to them several information regarding Hernandez, that had actually been concealed from them throughout forty days of testimony. They discovered for the first time that Hernandez is accused of shooting one prosecution witness, Alexander Bradley, in the face, furthermore that Hernandez is potentially the alleged shooter in a 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston that killed 2 men and left a 3rd wounded. Hernandez will soon start trial for 2 counts of murder in Suffolk County later this year.

Jurors from Aaron Hernandez trial speak out after verdict

A few minutes after Hernandez was sentenced for life in prison without the possibility parole, the jurors shared their experiences and talked about what they regarded as being the defining moments of the 2 and a half month trial at Bristol County Superior Court in Fall River.

aaron hernandez sentenced

Aaron Hernandez sentenced for in prison

A number of jurors stated Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s testimony was “compelling” considering that Kraft stated that Hernandez had informed him that he was at a nightclub when Lloyd was murdered. Hernandez in addition told his former boss that he hoped the time of the murder would be revealed, which John Carlson, a juror from Attleboro, discovered to be a detailed information.

The jury was also surprised by Hernandez’s lawyers acknowledging for the first time during the course of closing arguments that Hernandez was present in the North Attleborough Industrial Park when Odin Lloyd, 27, of Dorchester, was fired upon at least 5 times with a.45-caliber pistol. One juror stated that such admission corroborated the prosecution’s evidence.

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Jurors also did not feel the defense team’s counter-narrative that 1 of Hernandez’s two supposed co-conspirators, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, may have murdered Lloyd in a PCP-induced craze. The only evidence linking Ortiz and Wallace to PCP was the statement of a Hernandez family member.

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