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Hungry Students in America

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June 4, 2015


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Hungry Students in America

Della Curry, an elementary school kitchen manager, was fired for providing free meals to students who could hardly afford lunch. (Photo: CBS).

A mother who was fired from her job as a primary school kitchen manager after handing out free lunches is taking a stand , saying existing school policy puts to shame hungry students.

Della Curry, a mother of 2, was employed as a kitchen manager for the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado last July. Prior to starting at Dakota Valley Elementary, a job she took soon after her kids entered into the school district, Curry worked in the restaurant sector as a chef. “Parents put money on their kids’ accounts, and if they don’t qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, they are allowed to go negative on their accounts and borrow about $7.60, which is about three lunches,” Curry points out.

Was lunch lady fired for giving free lunch to students?

Three Out Of Five U.S. Teachers See Hunger In Classroom

Teachers say students have difficulty learning when they’re concentrated on their hunger. Hungry students, they say, are without concentration and struggle with poor academic performance, behavior challenges and health issues.

School Breakfast Turns Classrooms Into Communities

“When students are hungry and distracted, they’re not learning,” said U.S. Secretary of the Department of Education Arne Duncan who joined Share Our Strength at a panel discussion in Hyattsville, Md. to release the survey findings. “To set kids up for academic success, we must make sure they’re getting the healthy food they need at breakfast and lunch so they can concentrate in the classroom throughout the day.”

Health is in addition a significant issue, with 4 in 5 explaining breakfast prevents head and stomach aches, leading to healthier students. Teachers also say that students who eat breakfast are less likely to be tardy or absent (56 %).

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