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Hate Crime Killing Investigation

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April 14, 2015


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Hate Crime Killing Investigation

Kenneth Morgan Stancil is accused of shooting and killing print shop director Ron Lane, 44, in the print shop at Wayne County Community College on Monday morning, sparking a lockdown on campus and a manhunt. Lane had supervised Stancil, a former student, under a work-study program, officials said.

Authorities say they are investigating the shooting as a potential hate crime.

Goldsboro police Sgt. Jeremy Sutton chose not to mention Tuesday what hate crime was being investigated. Brent Hood, who was the supervisor of shooting victim Ron Lane, states his employee was gay.

Hate Crime Eyed in North Carolina College Shooting

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Hate Crimes in North Carolina

A hate crime is a criminal act committed against a person or his/her property because the person is a member of a protected class (i.e. race, religion or ethnic/national origin). Hate crimes include not only violence against individuals or groups, but also crimes against property, such as arson or vandalism, particularly those directed against community centers or houses of worship. Hate crimes do not include hate speech which is protected by the First Amendment.

Because of sexual orientation, gender or disability, North Carolina law does not recognize hate crimes committed. If a criminal offense (i.e. assault, communicating threats, damage to property) is committed against you or your property, it is still considered a crime … regardless of your sexual orientation, gender, and/or disability. Contact the Asheville Police Department if you are a victim of a crime.

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