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Dashcam video footage prior to shooting

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April 9, 2015


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Dashcam video footage prior to shooting

Brand new dashcam video footage reveals the traffic stop prior to the deadly shooting

The police-car dashboard-camera video produced by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division reveals the police officer, Michael Slager, notify Walter Scott that he was stopped over for a broken rear taillight. Right after the police officer steps out of frame, seemingly back to his police cruiser, Scott opens his vehicle door.

South Carolina Police Dashcam Shows Moments Before Fatal Walter Scott Shooting

ABC News

Police dashcam video footage released Thursday illustrates the seconds prior to a white South Carolina law enforcement officer fatally shot a seemingly unarmed black man as he fled, providing different aspect to an unpleasant incident that has certainly amplified the national argument about law enforcement use of force.

The video footage introduction arrives 1 day following the onlooker who recorded video footage of Saturday’s deadly shooting in itself made public his identity. The onlooker’s video recording reveals Slager shooting 8 shots towards a fleeing Scott.

Slager, 33, who has been definitely terminated from the South Carolina police department, and is actually arrested for murder in Scott’s death.

FULL Video: Police Dash-cam of the Moments Leading Up to the South Carolina Shooting of Walter Scott

South Carolina authorities have given out this department vehicle dashcam video revealing the minutes preceding the shooting fatality of Walter Scott. Video clip supplied by: South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division.

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