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Cesar Chavez National Holiday

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March 31, 2015


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Cesar Chavez National Holiday

Born in close proximity Yuma, Arizona, on March 31, 1927, Cesar Chavez implemented nonviolent methods to bring attention to the ugly circumstance of farmworkers, and formed both the National Farm Workers Association, which later ended up being United Farm Workers. As a labor forerunner, Chavez led marches, called for boycotts and carried on several hunger strikes. It is accepted that Chavez’s hunger strikes contributed to his death on April 23, 1993, in San Luis, Arizona.

Mini Bio: Cesar Chavez

Activist Cesar Chavez led several boycotts, protests and hunger strikes all for the equal treatment of farm workers! Celebrate the life of the famed Labor Leader on his birthday by watching his Mini BIO!

Throughout his entire life, Colegio Cesar Chavez was one of the few organizations labelled in his honor, but following his death he became a significant commemorated icon for the Latino community, with numerous schools, streets, and recreation areas being named after him. He has certainly since emerged as an icon for organized labor and leftist politics, signifying assistance for laborers and for Hispanic empowerment based on wageearners organizing.

He is also famous for popularizing the catchphrase “Si­, se puede” (Spanish forYes, one can” or, roughly, “Yes, it can be done”), which was embraced as the 2008 campaign slogan of Barack Obama. His advocates say his work led to a number of progress for union laborers. The UFW faltered after a few years, after Chavez died in 1993 he became an iconic “folk saint” in the pantheon of Mexican Americans. His birthday, March 31, has come to be Cesar Chavez Day, a state holiday in California, Colorado, and Texas.

Cesar Chavez’s Achievements

cesar_chavez_1He was co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association in 1962 with Delores Huerta.

First union contracts requiring rest periods, clean drinking water, hand washing stations and
protective clothing against pesticide exposure.

First health benefits for farm workers and families.

On August 8 1994, his family received Presidential Medal of Freedom from Bill Clinton.

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