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black players in professional baseball

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April 24, 2015


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black players in professional baseball

Black players in professional baseball – The decrease of African American involvement in baseball is a bare comparison to the times of the Negro Leagues, in which developed Jackie Robinson, at the time baseball was viewed as greater than a simple sport however, was definitely a neighborhood pastime. The explanation for baseball’s downtrend in black American neighborhoods is multilayered and complex.

According to records, the representation of black players in professional baseball reaches its undermost level since Jackie Robinson and various other initially embarked on unifying the sport, at merely 8 percent. That indicates a substantial decrease from the 1970s, at which certain opinions set the likeness of African American players at approximately 27 percent. Baseball historian Rob Ruck claims the portion of black players was very likely closer to 19 percent in the 1970s, although the 27 percent figure possibly consists of Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latino players.

Chris Rock’s Take on Blacks in Baseball: Real Sports (HBO)

HBO is observing their 20th anniversary with an all-star lineup of the network’s comedians. In this particular video clip, Chris Rock questions what ever happened to African Americans in baseball?

Really, where are the black players in professional baseball?


The sport of baseball is actually slow, nevertheless for what reason does that render it less appealing to African-American children than white-American children? There are a smaller amount of well-known and exceptionally promoted black superstars than in the NFL and NBA, but is that simply a solution of the numbers, a self-fulfilling prophecy? The journey to the big league is not so quick, but why don’t more people connected with baseball leads to two aspects– the amount of players who earn big contracts is significantly greater than the NBA and the income is 100 percent more guaranteed than the NFL?

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