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Black Churches Burning In South Carolina

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July 1, 2015


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Black Churches Burning In South Carolina

Black Churches Burning In South Carolina – A black church South Carolina went up in flames Tuesday night, only this time, the historic Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal in Williamsburg County, South Carolina… 20 years after it was burned down by the Ku Klux Klan.

The Clarendon County Fire Department said shortly before 12 o’clock at night ET that the fire was under control, but it released a picture revealing the church with its roof totally caved in.

The church was burned to the ground by the KKK in 1995 and President Clinton spoke at the dedication of the newly rebuilt church the next year.

CNN – Firefighters on scene at church fire in South Carolina

Black Churches Burning In South Carolina [continued]

The fire comes during increased concerns about church burnings following the murder of 9 people at the historically black Emanuel AME Church in Charleston earlier this month.

According to Press, a State Law Enforcement Division official said that storms moved through the area and that the fire may have been actually caused by lightning.

The cause of the fire would not be identified until the fire was out.

If there were injuries or how much destruction was done, it was uncertain.

On Tuesday, federal officials said a string of 5 church fires in the South Carolina seemed not as being racially motivated or associated with hate groups despite the fact that some were considered as being arson.

The ATF, which released the statement, said that the investigation was in the preliminary stages.

“We are in the early stages of these investigations, but at this time we have no reason to believe these fires are racially motivated or related,” the statement said of the fires, which have occurred in the past nine days.

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