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Awkward: Woman in wheelchair won a treadmill

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May 6, 2015


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Awkward: Woman in wheelchair won a treadmill

Though some people utilized Twitter to slam the Price Is Right for the awkward moment and the inappropriate prize, Perez exhibited her comedic side, making fun at herself and having a laugh because of her new treadmill.

Danielle Perez, who is bound to wheelchair, was randomly picked out to play for money and prize special deals, particularly a new sauna and, how awkward, a high-end treadmill. Perez showed her enthusiasm over being chosen to the host Drew Carey, and was equally as excited about the two of the possible prizes, expressing, “These are really nice!”.

The winner in her 1 Right Price round, she actually won the treadmill and the sauna, although that the training equipment may be of limited use to her. Perez was without a doubt nonetheless delighted by her victory, promptly shaking and grinning Carey’s hand. Her friend in addition took to Twitter to use the gift as evidence that some reality TV is, actually, legitimate.

Awkward: Lady in wheelchair won a treadmill

“My BFF @DivaDelux won a treadmill on The Price is Right, she’s in a wheelchair,” her pal Gianzé S. Pérez tweeted, pointing out the competitor. “Lol … At least we know now that nothing is fixed.”.

Replying to a tweet reading, “Lady in wheelchair won a treadmill on The Price Is Right today. I laughed a little, but then felt bad. #ThePriceIsWrong,” Perez wrote, “Well I won the treadmill and I laughed A LOT … Don’t feel bad, I’m the woman who won the treadmill and I feel great!”.

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